Life-coaching EN

You know something really needs to change in your life now? You already analyzed everything yourself, but cannot get to the bottom? You are missing satisfaction or meaning? Suspecting a burn-out? Then life-coaching is for you. 

Who should consider life-coaching?


If one of the following subjects resonates with you:

  • you are on a quest searching for your mission, the goal in live and could use some help;
  • you feel that, although you seem to have almost everything, there's still something missing;
  • you don't seem to get fun and satisfactions, whilst others around you do;
  • you find yourself walking the path of life but seems to be going in the wrong direction;
  • you are constantly in your mind or either living in the past of future but rarely in the present;
  • you want tot grow in consciousness and are looking for direction;
  • you want body, mind and soul to be in perfect balance;
  • you have burn-out symptoms;

My way of working

I'm using my strong intuition, high sensitivity and coaching systems to help you. You simply tell what is going on in your life now and most of the time I quickly feel in which direction the solution can be found. By intuitively asking you the right questions, I will lead you to the answers and make you conscious of what is happening. A fast break trough will be possible this way. After you became conscious you will be able to make the next steps yourself.



Because feeling at ease is essential during coaching, the setting in which it takes place is important. Therefor I'm offering various locations and possibilities. I'm locates in a quiet farm where we have different type of rooms available, but also there is this cosy tiny house outside. Prefer to do something active? We can go for a walk in nature of go out with a luxurious sailing yacht. Really want to go deep? Consider a 3-day retreat in our villa in the Provence, France. 

Now what?

Simply make an appointment for a intake. It won't cost you anything, so what you've got to loose? A wise shaman I know once told me; "In case of doubt, do it!"

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