About me

Yeah, who am I? ‘Am’ I what I’m doing, like coaching or being entrepreneur? In the first place I guess I am only human.

In any introduction our mind so much wants to label the order person. Maybe you are trying to do the same with me now. Your mind is quickly trying to make a judgment about me. After that you will click away from this site, or your intuition is letting you continue to read. Both are just fine by me. I’m just curious what will happen.

Experiencing myself for 40 years makes me able to put some labels on me myself, thus helping your mind a little:

I am:

earth habitant, human, man, 192 cm, father, son, left-handed, adult, husband, friend, Dutch, ice-skater, windsurfer, sailor, nature-lover, creative, hedonist, dreamer, builder, creator, romantic, writer, inspirator, thinker, spiritual, coach, mystic, holistic, entrepreneur, influencer, problem solver, listener, helper, consultant, humanitarian, conscious, loving, sensitive, intuitive, satisfied, grateful.

Above is what you could say is characteristic about me, but just like you I’m living in the reality of duality and therefor often I’m also the opposite and I’n no  sportive, unconscious, passive, unromantic, fearful, angry, insecure and more of that. Really human, just like you.

Well, you are still here and did not leave. Great! Maybe that means a deeper relationship is meant for us. That could be become really fascinating for both of us. You did not arrive here by coincidence after all. For me coincidence does not exists. It’s just a word for happenings that we cannot explain with our mind.

The facf that you are reading this means that the universe set something in motion with the purpose that our paths will cross each other. Who know what it will bring us. Our task to find out!

What is it that I do?

Ik do coaching and consultancy, next to my own business in real estate. Being raised in a entrepreneurs family I know what’s it like in the business world and what it takes to manage a company. Also how this effects your private life.

On a unconscious level I was already helping and coaching people all my live. It’s simply in my nature to help people and I think I have this talent of overseeing situations very quickly. Besides that I’m extremely creative when it comes to problem solving in complex situations, something people always know to find me for.

Because it gives me so much satisfaction helping other to make their lives easier, I decided to start my coaching and consultancy company.

My mission is to help you with:

  • finding your true mission;
  • letting you grow in consciousness;
  • overseeing your life and why things are happening to you;
  • bringing balance in your life;
  • overcoming your problems that you experience;
  • reach your goals;
  • live your best life;
  • reach your next level;
  • give you insight and perspective.

Well, you know a lot about me now. I don’t know anything about you. In getting to know each other you should have a chance to say something as well. So let me know who you are and contact me. What you’ve got to loose?  A introduction session is free of charge!

“In case of doubt; do it!” – Nacho Cano (shaman)



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